Farm Animals!

By Kaitlin Becker ~

So I talked about the amazing creatures I saw on the Reserve and near the Reserve, now I shall talk a little about the animals I saw around the Farm at Rimpa.

First off, the baby cows! There were so many baby cows! So Rimpa raises simmental cows for beef and has another breed of cow that is milked each morning. Then most of the cows are taken out on the Reserve to graze. But Rimpa also has dorper sheep that they raise for wool, meat, etc. The sheep didn’t like me as much, so I don’t have a wonderful image of them…so I’ll share one of my favorite cow pictures. See, I followed the herd back in from grazing a couple of times and saw the baby cows race towards their moms demanding attention and food! It was fairly adorable.


Now, of course, no farm would be complete without the hens and the rooster that crows at all hours of the day and night!  And believe me, crow all the time he did! But there are also all manner of other birds that flint here and there around the farm. My personal favorite is this guy here. To those who have never seen him before, he’s shiny and metallic and pretty. At Rimpa though, he’s as common as a robin or cardinal in the U.S.


It’s easy sometimes to start taking your surroundings for granted and forget just how amazing and beautiful life can be. How do you keep your eyes fresh?

Kaitlin Becker is a relative of the Rimpa family and was able to visit during the summer of 2016 in between completing her Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Central Missouri.