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KShs 40,000 each


High quality nutritious hay now available for purchase. We take very good care to cut, cure and store our bale properly. Our bale is free of rocks, dirt, weeds, mold or debris.
KShs 250 per bale
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-Annaliese Haftman, The Ohio State University, 2013

My stay at Rimpa Estates was more wonderful than I could have imagined. I was immediately welcomed by the Ole Sein family and made to feel that I was at home. The accommodations were very comfortable and the food was delicious. Staying on the farm allowed me to experience a part of Kenya that most travelers don't get to see. It was not unusual to see giraffes, gazelles, and zebras wandering the huge expanse that is Rimpa Estates. Despite being so close to nature, commuting to the closest town was easy, and Nairobi and all it has to offer is just a short commute away. I had an amazing stay at Rimpa and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. Make sure that you have the chapati while you're there!

-Christy Gurley, Seattle, Washington, 2012

15 miles from Nairobi, is this paradise of pristine, wildlife-rich land where you can walk through the savanna grassland along with giraffes, zebras, antelope, herds of sheep, assorted ostriches, etc. The landscape is stunning. Rimpa Estates is a working organic farm with free-range cattle, sheep and goats. It borders Nairobi National Park, so are also visiting giraffes, antelopes, zebras, ostriches, hartebeest, wildebeest and many species of birds. The day hike was exhilarating! The land is gentle and easily traversed by anyone. They taper the length and difficulty of the walk to each person/group. They are making guest housing for farming Interns and students studying flora and fauna of the area.