The Rimpa Estates Wildlife Conservancy is located approximately 25 km southwest of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, on the edge of the great Rift Valley, at the foot of the beautiful Ngong Hills – the background of several scenes in the 1985 film Out of Africa.

Home to the Ole Sein family, Rimpa Estates takes its name from the Maasai word ‘Rimpa’ which means paradise. The farm sits a stone throw away from the Nairobi National Park, hence alongside farming, Rimpa Estates shares the responsibility of preserving the natural environment as they host a decent variety of wildlife looking for pasture and water outside of the park. The Ole Sein’s are immensely dedicated to restoring the balance between people and nature while promoting social and economic improvements.

We invite you to visit the Rimpa Estates Wildlife Conservancy, catch a glimpse of this virtually undiscovered paradise and create your ideal African experience.

A Brief History

In 1966, Sarah and Jason Ole Sein moved their young family to Olooltepes, settling on their own little piece of paradise which they named Rimpa Estates. For two generations, the Ole Sein’s have been at the forefront of evolving attitude towards the use of land. They recognized the importance of developing a healthy future for people, wildlife and the environment by farming with integrity.

Socio-economic factors saw the Ole Sein’s early adoption of land privatization when it was first introduced in the 1960’s. This was a huge leap from the previous norm that was pastoralism. Over the years global climate change, change in wildlife migration patterns and other multiple stressors have propelled the Ole Sein’s to diversify in order to be sustainable.

Sarah and Jason had seven children, three live and work on the farm. Rhoda and Nicholas have both studied Agriculture, lived and worked farms in Canada and Denmark respectively and between the two of them have over 30 yrs of Agricultural experience. Kone, who recently returned to run and manage the farm, studied Business and Hotel & Restaurant Management and has extensive business experience living and working in Kenya, Switzerland and the USA. The rest of the children although living around the world and pursuing different career paths, often contribute to the running of the farm.

Although Jason passed on in 2005, Sarah, the children, grand children and great grand children continue to live the dream.