The Reserve

The Reserve is a beautiful 40 acre campground located within the Rimpa Estates Wildlife Conservancy. It is covered with indigenous acacia trees, providing ample shade. Our wildlife, including gazelles, zebras, and giraffes, can often be seen in and around The Reserve, especially at dawn and dusk.

We offer the following activities:
• picnics
• camping
• hiking
• game drives
• bird watching
• weddings and parties
• group and business functions
• commercial filming and photography

Cost per adult:
• entry fee / day pass / picnic = 500/-
• camping per night = 500/-
• game drive / hiking outside The Reserve = 500/-

Children ages 5-17 are half price.
Children under 5 are free.

Please call and make reservations at least one day in advance. We prefer payments be made via M-PESA in advance to 0712 657 998 (Kevin).