Adventure and Life

By Kaitlin Becker ~

Last week, we began a guest blogger series in which….Our first guest blogger was Sara Brown and she told a story of a zebra. Sara, in her post, discussed a zebra she felt like she had a mind meld with…I just want to set the record straight and say…the bond was not as strong as she thinks it was. It was hilarious to see her try though.

Back tracking just a touch, I want to talk about how wonderful it was to be able to experience Rimpa with people I care about. See, the first part of my trip Sara was there with me. We have been roommates through most of my college years so we know each other pretty well and it was great to be able to have an international experience with Sara.  Bonding time, ya know? So we would go adventuring and zebra chasing and quote Hocus Pocus and debate the various aspects of nerdy things. Normal stuff for us. It was cool to see how the locals would look at us. Sara, with her then obnoxious purple hair and me with all of my camera bags most of the time.

The second half of my trip to Rimpa, my sister Julia came for two weeks so I was able to experience Rimpa again through her eyes. That was interesting because I realized I had taken the landscape of Rimpa for granted and so, I got to see how excited my sister was the first time she saw it and thus I too would become excited. Picking her up from the airport, we saw a Hyena  running down the side of the road and then an owl as we drove up to the farm. We tried to milk cows and chase down the giraffe family that didn’t show up to be seen by Julia until the day we were leaving the country. We went camping – this time in the front yard and watched our cousin see Disney’s the Lion King for the first time (that was my favorite movie growing up).  We did photoshoots and went shopping at the Maasai market. My sister tried to pet the cows and we chased zebras and saw baby elephants and it was a blast!

Rimpa Estates and it’s neighboring attractions helped make a huge impact on my life. Trying and experiencing new things – broadening the mind. I think that having adventures is important…but having adventures with those dear to your heart is even better because we now have these shared experiences to talk about.

Kaitlin Becker is a relative of the Rimpa family and was able to visit during the summer of 2016 in between completing her Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Central Missouri.