Free Disc Golf App

As part of my renewed interest in playing disc golf again, I decided to develop my own app to help me organize my discs and keep score while playing. I call it DiscTracker, and it’s free to use on iPhones!

DiscTracker is a database that runs inside the FileMaker Go app, which is free in the App Store. If you have an iPhone (or an iPad), you can use it. (The feature to track and measure your throws will only work on iPads if they have the cellular option installed.) Unfortunately, DiscTracker won’t work on Android devices because FileMaker Go is only available for iOS.

If you want to try it, first you need to install the Claris FileMaker Go 19 app on your iOS device.

Claris FileMaker Go 19:

Then you have 2 options for installing the DiscTracker.fmp12 file:

The easiest way to install DiscTracker on an iPhone is to receive the file as an email attachment. You can either download the file on a desktop computer or laptop, and then email it to yourself, or fill out this form and I will email the file to you, typically with 24 hours.

The other option is to download the DiscTracker.fmp12 file directly on your iOS device, but it’s much more complicated. The last image walks you through the steps to install it directly on your iOS device.

DiscTracker.fmp12 on google drive: