So long from Kaitlin

By Kaitlin Becker ~

Memut elukunya nabo eng’eno
One head does not consume all knowledge
Meaning: there are limits to one person’s knowledge

I’d like to bounce off of an idea that last week’s guest blogger, Julia, brought up…she mentioned how she felt like she was only scratching the surface of what Rimpa and Kenya could show her. I think that is a very wise observation. Paraphrasing a quote from Socrates, I think each person comes to a point in their lives in which they realize that for all their supposed knowledge, they really know nothing – the more they learn the less they know.

Having been an intrepid explorer across the Reserve at Rimpa, the moment I thought I knew something, the metaphoric rug was pulled out from under me.  I would hope that even if I lived at Rimpa the rest of my life that I would keep learning and stay surprised.

I was at Rimpa for only a brief moment and some much can change in a heartbeat. I was there at the beginning of the dry season when the plants were at their strongest. But the cycle of life rolls on and what was green turned brown.  The weather, the land, the people. Each is beautiful in it’s own way but change too is beautiful.

My hope to all is that life stays beautiful even when it isn’t. Dark, dry days will come, but so too will the bright, rainy days.  So I say farewell to you now in this last post from me on the beauties of Rimpa Estates.


Kaitlin Becker is a relative of the Rimpa family and was able to visit this summer in between completing her Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Central Missouri.