Sunset Game Drive July 1, 2019

Our favorite time to go on a game drive is right before sunset. The lighting is fantastic for photos, and the animals all seem to be relaxing after the long day. Today’s game drive didn’t disappoint, with sightings of giraffes, elands, a secretary bird, and a kori bustard.

We were surprised and saddened to find a giraffe skull, but this one must be several years old based on the weathering, and we don’t recall losing any giraffe recently. When we find animal bones and skulls on the conservancy, we collect them to be used for educational purposes when school children visit on their field trips. In addition to this giraffe skull, we also have skulls from a hyena, an impala, a hartebeest, and several zebras.

Rimpa Estates is just a short drive outside of Nairobi, and a few of the buildings in Nairobi are visible on the northeast horizon when the air is clear. To the west, Ngong Hills with its many peaks and wind turbines makes for a great backdrop when the sun sets.