So long from Kaitlin

By Kaitlin Becker ~ Memut elukunya nabo eng’eno One head does not consume all knowledgeMeaning: there are limits to one person’s knowledge I’d like to bounce off of an idea… Read more »


By Kaitlin Becker ~ Some of my favorite memories growing up involve being surrounded by family. Crowded around a campfire, we would tell stories, make each other laugh, and stay… Read more »

Farm Animals!

By Kaitlin Becker ~ So I talked about the amazing creatures I saw on the Reserve and near the Reserve, now I shall talk a little about the animals I… Read more »

World Animal Day

By Kaitlin Becker ~ October 4th is World Animal Day, so I figured that this post should delve into three of my favorite animals seen on around the Reserve and… Read more »

Karibu to Rimpa!

Karibu! Welcome to the blog of Rimpa Estates! This blog is dedicated to the happenings of Rimpa Estates – both on the farm and on the Reserve. Rimpa Estates takes… Read more »