Birds of Kenya

All of these photos were taken at the Rimpa Estates Wildlife Conservancy. The photo galleries will be updated as we take new photos, so be sure to revisit the page… Read more »

So long from Kaitlin

By Kaitlin Becker ~ Memut elukunya nabo eng’eno One head does not consume all knowledgeMeaning: there are limits to one person’s knowledge I’d like to bounce off of an idea… Read more »


By Kaitlin Becker ~ Some of my favorite memories growing up involve being surrounded by family. Crowded around a campfire, we would tell stories, make each other laugh, and stay… Read more »

Farm Animals!

By Kaitlin Becker ~ So I talked about the amazing creatures I saw on the Reserve and near the Reserve, now I shall talk a little about the animals I… Read more »

World Animal Day

By Kaitlin Becker ~ October 4th is World Animal Day, so I figured that this post should delve into three of my favorite animals seen on around the Reserve and… Read more »